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I work with you one on one to discover how God wants to move your marriage forward in peace, joy and purpose. I focus in on intimacy challenges as that is the main way I think the enemy chooses to steal from marriages and the main way God can heal marriages.

There is A LOT God can do through us as wives in our husbands. I truly believe with wisdom and counsel and a humble heart God can transform every marriage. The biggest challenges delaying coaching. If they had just known these things earlier, so much could have been avoided and they never would have ended up in the [crisis]. I hope we can work together to move your marriage in the path now.

I'd love to have a free discovery call with you to see what is going on and see how I can help. Please email me at belah@delightyourmarriage.com

Why am I confident I can help? Just a sampling of the emails husbands send me:

"It's freaky how well you understand the mind and heart of a man"
"i think you know more what guys think than guys do and that is scary.... keep up the good work.... wish you had been around 40 years ago"
"I am a husband (I'm guessing you get a lot more e-mail from us husbands than you do from wives, probably like 80%, if not more)... I am one of those men who is astonished by your ability to "get inside my head"
"[As a medical professional], colleagues do talk about anatomical/physiological things that "normal" people don't. So I have had occasion to talk to some women that sort of "get" men at some level.
But I have never heard any woman that seems to understand, and be able to articulate and express the heart of a man as well as you do. It seems to be at a very deep level.

How did you learn that? Were you born with that understanding? What did you read? Who did you talk to?

It is amazing to me to hear a lady with the level of understanding that you seem to have!"

I believe you also don't have to try to figure this out or work through it by yourself. I believe you can avoid so much heartache and heal so much pain by gaining others' advice and wisdom to solve an intimacy challenge. Honestly, you may never get there on your own.

No intimacy issue is too much---seriously. If you feel completely alone and even ashamed of what's happening in your marriage, I want you to know you are not in this by yourself. Don't suffer alone. Its time to stop being ashamed and start having freedom and joy in intimacy. I look forward to working with you, hearing your story and finding how we can change this and taking the needed action to turn it around.

*Some details: This is not in the same category as courses. Coaching is a 45-minute session with me Belah Rose. If you are unable to attend your scheduled coaching session please cancel at least 24hrs in advance.*

I'd like to share one of my testimonials:

A brave and committed wife faced a marriage that was truly in crisis, involving some of the most difficult intimacy challenges, wrote me to say after our first coaching session:

"Thank you for knowing just what I needed. For hearing my heart and seeing beneath it all. God has blessed you incredibly. You are amazing at what you do. I'm so thankful for you."

Then a few weeks later, after another couple of sessions, she wrote:

"Update: Things have been ammmaaazzzing...I feel like I am his desired wife, his lover, an asset to his life- when I have felt more like a roommate for so long...I feel like my husband and I can finally start to experience oneness"

As I've been on both sides of the fence, I cannot put a price tag on the value of a change like this.

I believe God wants this for your too! Now is the time to make the commitment to turn things around in your marriage. Click "Enroll Now' to invest in the change that counts for your marriage.

Your Instructor

Belah Rose
Belah Rose

When I got married, I was a complete mess...

in the area of intimacy. When the time was right, my hormones would take over my body and turn me into an amazing lover, right? Wrong! There was so much fear and insecurity in my heart about my knowledge, body image, and concerns about purity in the marriage bed. And I grew resentful at my husband for wanting these things from me (and all the time!) I knew something was missing from this experience.

I became obsessed...
with learning and understanding sex. Pouring over books, learning courses, scouring blogs, taking classes, asking mentors...and that was just the beginning! God took me on a wild adventure and taught me a lot through heartache and gracious redemption. Now as an author, coach, and speaker, I want to help you!

Now things are VERY different.
So, I have devoted my life to save every woman from the pain I experienced, empower them to rescue their marriage, love and respect their husband's sexual desires and provide the tools and techniques to be an incredible lover. You can feel amazing in bed--and make your hubby feel the same! Enjoy intimacy as God intended in your marriage!


Belah Rose

Looking forward to working with you!

Please email me so we can have a free call together to dive into what's going on and how I can support you in it, belah@delightyourmarriage.com

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